It’s time to set the record straight –
and put misleading marketers in their place.

All the facts are right here.
Protection Pete won’t be fooled.
He refuses to apologize for exposing the truth.

And he won’t stop until these shady practices are ended once and for all.


MISLEADING TENANT INSURANCE PROVIDERS OMIT IMPORTANT FACTS about the rules and regulations regarding the sale of Tenant insurance, such as needing a state insurance license, possibly attending classes, being fingerprinted, submitting to a background check and even the extra expense of purchasing errors and omissions coverage.


A few of the shadiest players throw down a gauntlet of regulations which can leave tenants at the mercy of exclusions like “OTHER INSURANCE” nonsense.


Some tenant insurance companies and owner/operators try to confuse tenants with so-called “CUSTOMER PROTECTION PLANS” that are just the same tired tenant insurance with a new name.

We’re not the only ones exposing Tenant Insurance…

What makes Tenant Property Protection better than Tenant Insurance?

For owner-operators, it’s easier to implement, easier to sell, and much easier to manage. (There is no state insurance licensing requirements.) Best of all, when it’s claim time your tenants are covered with no “other insurance” nonsense. With Tenant Property Protection there is no deductible and claims are settled on average in about 72 hours.

For tenants, in the event of a covered loss, they get replacement cost with no deductible and they don’t have to jump through hoops or worry about insurance loopholes. Insurance can be complicated. Tenant Property Protection makes it simple.

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